Easiest Way to Prepare Appetizing Home made butter and ghee

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Home made butter and ghee.

Home made butter and ghee You discharge sizzling steep Home made butter and ghee practicing 1 procedure together with 10 furthermore. Here is how you achieve.

compound of Home made butter and ghee

  1. Prepare 1 bowl of Fresh malai.

Home made butter and ghee modus operandi

  1. Collect fresh malai/cream from milk every day for two weeks..
  2. Keep the cream/ malai in a deep freezer.
  3. When you prepare the butter keep it out from normal room temperature..
  4. Beat the cream/malai in a large vessel with the help of spoon or with your right hand or an electric mixer..
  5. Now after beating the malai,you get the round shape butter and water is seperated from it within 15 mins..
  6. The butter is ready when it gets thicken and fluffy..
  7. Then keep the butter in a microwave safe bowl..
  8. Put the microwave temperature in high mode for 20 mins to get ghee/clarified butter..
  9. Stir in between..
  10. Note : when you keep the cream/malai in a deep freezer butter will cone out very early..