Will Murray Make a Singles Return After Mixed Doubles Loss at Wimbledon?

Former world #1, Andy Murray, joined Wimbledon with high confidence after surgery on his right hip. Unfortunately, Murray’s Wimbledon run is over after his and Serena Williams’ mixed doubles defeat against the American and Brazillian players Nicole Melichar and Bruno Soares.

Even though the two tennis legends lost the match, each of them got what they needed. Namely, Williams is getting closer to the singles grand slam record of 24 titles. Murray, on the other hand, managed to test his modified hip. 

After the loss, Murray claimed that his muscles and body have recovered, adding that he feels good. Last year, he was not so optimistic. It looked like the damage on his hip would mark the end of his tennis playing. 

Before Wimbledon, the British tennis legend was hopeful and claimed that his skills and stamina have returned. Even though he did not win, the former champion aims to make a comeback at the singles court this year. 

It’s unclear when Murray will be ready, though. However, he confirmed that his training schedule would be rigorous and tough during the next few months. However, the US Open will come way too soon. An ATP Challenger Tour event, The Murray Trophy, named as a tribute to the Murray family, might make for an easier reintroduction. 

At Wimbledon, Murray was able to determine his weaknesses and assess the things he needs to improve. However, it won’t be easy to return to the same level which got him the no. 1, three grand slams, two gold medals at the Olympics, and the Davis Cup. 

His last victory was the doubles title at Queen’s in June with Feliciano Lopez. 

After the doubles match at Wimbledon, Murray noted that he was satisfied. Compared to the lack of previous matches, he is pleased with how he played. He noted that it took a long time and hard work to get stronger and regain his balance. Plus, Murray underwent some physical tests prior to Wimbledon. 

The problem with players returning after a prolonged time of inactivity is that tours will move on. 

In Murray’s case, his playing style requires a lot of energy, and it strains his body. It will take a long time for him to get back to his prime. It could require a change in his technique and a more aggressive stance. However, Murray stated that he wants to play as he did before, but is aware of the fact that he needs to change some aspects of his playing.

Still, Williams and Murray played a great game all the way up to the third set. Even after the defeat, they were happy to join the crowd and sign autographs. However, before the tournament, thousands of fans were looking forward to seeing a reunion of the “Big Four” aka Djokovic, Nadal, Federer, and Murray. 

At Queen’s in June, Murray stated that he’s not planning a US Open singles return. At Wimbledon, he confirmed it, saying it was “unlikely.” For now, Murray plans to take his time and train in hopes of returning to his prime.

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