White House to Exclude Twitter and Facebook From Social Media Summit, Rumors Say

Digital giants Twitter and Facebook will reportedly be excluded from the upcoming social media summit at the White House on Thursday, July 11. 

Officials at Facebook have allegedly stated on Monday that the company did not get an invitation to the summit in Washington, as reported by Reuters. So far, the White House did not issue a statement, and the event will start on Thursday. 

Additionally, a spokesperson who asked for anonymity talked to CNN and claimed that the rumors were true. 

Washington announced the tech summit last month. It was presented as an event that would bring digital leaders together and tackle current online challenges or opportunities. 

However, the White House did not issue a list of guests to the public. Some reports have criticized the summit. Sources like CNN have claimed that many right-wing leaders will attend the meeting. Allegedly, these luminaries have taken a highly critical stance towards large social media corporations such as Twitter or Facebook. Reportedly, they believe that such companies do not favor conservatives and often censor their activities. However, there was no evidence to confirm this, and the corporations have rejected these accusations. 

For a long time, Republicans have held a defensive stance towards what they believe are anti-conservative media companies. The situation was fueled even further with President Trump’s regular attacks on social media giants. Plus, Trump has continuously expressed intentions to regulate the companies on a federal level. 

Moreover, CNN’s anonymous source believes that the companies weren’t surprised by their exclusion in the summit. According to this source, the leaders of the companies believe that the summit will be based on right-wing criticisms. It will include grievances instead of a serious discussion about the issues in the industry.

Back in April, Trump met with Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey and questioned him about the number of his followers. Allegedly, the president also accused Twitter, claiming that the platform has made it more challenging to get followers. However, with a following of over 61 million people, the president’s account is among the most popular on the platform. 

What’s more, Republican lawmakers have held various meetings in Congress throughout 2019. In these meetings, they questioned the CEOs of social media corporations and their business practices. These meetings, however, lacked any fact-based debates. When Diamond and Silk, social media personalities and pro-Trump Fox Nation hosts were questioned, they promoted misinformation. Allegedly, they used false facts about social media corporations. Additionally, Republican officials have used pro-Trump sites such as “The Gateway Pundit” in these questionings. 

While the White House aims to tackle critical issues in Thursday’s social media summit, it’s unclear how the problems will be addressed without the key players of the industry. 

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