Two Players Disqualified From WSOP Main Event Within First Two Hours

WSOP: Two Players Disqualified From Main Event in First Two Hours

The first day of the World Series of Poker 2019’s Main Event quickly saw disqualifications. Players Ken Strauss and Georgii Belianin swiftly got themselves out of the championship by way of tomfoolery. 

Georgii Belianin

The first incident happened in the Brasilia Red part of the event. A group of players was in the midst of a game, one of them being Joe McKeehen, the World Champion of 2015. At that same table, Georgii had, at some point, won a minor pot. With a mischievous grin on his face, he proceeded to collect the pot winnings. However, he also saw it appropriate to take a portion of his left-side opponent’s stack as well. 

Georgii’s seemingly humorous expression led those present at the table to believe the stunt was simply a gag. Nevertheless, the joke didn’t come across as funny and earned him a swift disqualification on account of chip stealing. He was subsequently removed from the grounds of the tournament. Meanwhile, the WSOP discarded his chips from play but left his $10,000 untouched.

Accounts from nearby witnesses show that Belianin’s behaviour raised eyebrows well before the incident. Allegedly, the problems began as soon as he approached the table. Upon Georgii’s arrival, he sat down on Seat 6. The dealer then prompted him to take Seat 5, to which he tersely protested. It took some convincing to get him to move. Belianin was apparently intoxicated, according to witness recollection. 

Belianin later posted a lengthy apology on Twitter aimed toward WSOP staff and everyone present during the entire ordeal.

Ken Strauss

It wasn’t long until another separate scandal took place at the Main Event. However, this time, what happened was even more outrageous. Namely, in the Pavilion Yellow section, Table #317, Ken Strauss was playing when he decided to go all-in. This must have been a big deal for him since, at that point, Krauss decided to jump up, eyes covered, screaming “I’m all-in blind!,” take off his pants and display his posterior.

The mooning was then followed by him removing his shoes and throwing them at the table. One shoe managed to hit Patrick Eskandar while in the tank. Soon afterward, the floor intervened and escorted him from the table.

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