Tom “Durrrr” Dwan Becomes a Triton Poker Brand Ambassador

Watch Tom “durrr” Dwan’s live performance at the Montenegrin festival at the Triton Poker Series social media feeds

From Texas Hold’em to Short Deck — An Exciting Path to Success

“Cards are war in disguise of a sport,” said once the witty author Charles Lamb. But for Tom “durrrr” Dwan, cards are neither sport nor war — they are the game, and he’s winning it. After the record at Full Tilt Poker’s Million Dollar Cash Game and his amazing performance in 2008 at Aussie Millions, Dwan comes to the Montenegrin festival to test his talents and skills as Triton poker brand ambassador.

From the humble beginnings of his career to the stardom that he now rose to, Dwan always provided his fans and poker-lovers with a great and fun game to watch. This talented poker player is the first player after Jason Koon to represent Triton poker. Dwan expressed both excitements because of his new role and respect for his predecessor, his famous colleague, Jason Koon.

Those who disagree with Dwan’s definition of poker may refer to him as an “Olympic winner” or a “Cash game veteran.” Whatever someone might call him, there are two things that are probably on everyone’s mind when the name “Dwan” comes up, and those are Short Deck and dueling. Dwan did start his exciting career with Texas Hold’em, but time showed, and Dwan confirmed it in his interview for Poker News, that he prefers Short Deck.

Besides striking grand cash prizes, Dwan is well-known for his unique approach to the game, his determination, and solid stance. Let’s just remember his big win from Full Tilt Poker Durrrr Million Dollar Challenge in 2009 when he finished the game victorious after 12 amazing hours of playing. Nevertheless, Dwan’s career is an exciting rollercoaster of wins, losses, records and even short disappearances from the public.

Awaiting the Grand Event — Tournaments and Cash Games

Even though Dwan understands poker as a game, there is nothing unserious about his strategies or light about his approach. Surely poker enthusiasts can’t wait to see his performance at the Triton Poker Series in Montenegro. Since he spoiled his fans with numerous consecutive victories, a lot is expected from this experienced player at the Montenegrin festival.

The spectacular events at the festival include HKD 1m buy-in No-Limit Hold’em Main Event and an HKD 1m Short-Deck Ante-Only Main Event. Dwan maybe isn’t a fan of staredowns, but he is a fan of excitement, challenges, and the good old Short Deck. So we can expect a fun show by this creative, brave, and a bit mysterious poker veteran.

Be sure to watch Dwan compete at the Montenegrin festival as he makes his inaugural appearance as the new brand ambassador.

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