Serena Williams Forced to Pay $10k Fine for Wimbledon Court Damage

This week, the All England Club issued a large fine to tennis star Serena Williams in London. 

Reportedly, on the 30th of June, Williams threw a racket during a practice session, and the Wimbledon host gave her a $10,000 fine.

Williams apparently dismissed the fine during an interview after her victory over Alison Riske. After the quarterfinals match, the superstar, aged 37, claimed that she didn’t focus too much on the hefty penalty.

Additionally, the player stated that she did not see any damage caused by the racket. She joked, claiming that she could be “super-strong” and a member of the Avengers. In 2018, Williams received $17,000 in fines during the U.S. Open. 

What’s more, Fabio Fognini also received a penalty at Wimbledon during a game with Tennys Sandgren. The Italian player was frustrated and claimed that a bomb needs to explode on the court. His fine was around $3,000 due to inappropriate behavior. Nick Kyrgios also received $8,000 in fines for swearing. 

While the 133rd edition of the legendary tennis event is well underway, Williams aims to leave the courts with her 8th title as champion. If successful, the victory could mark her 24th grand slam.

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