PointsBet Guilty of Breaking Gambling Advertising Regulations

This online gambling operator will need to pay A$20,000 fine for violating advertising regulations.

PointsBet Faces A$20,000 Fine

The illegal ad was posted in New South Wales, Australia, and the accused operator didn’t plead innocent, as the ad was obviously violating the Australian law. Any false advertising or illegal advertising regarding gambling offers, real money pokies, promotions or bonuses is considered to be an offence. The issue with PointsBet ad was that it motivated players to gamble frequently, and any type of promoting and encouraging frequent gambling is against the Australian law.

PointBet is not the only operator that had to pay fees due to illegal advertising. Two months ago, Sportsbet had to pay A$10,000 for violating advertising regulations. Besides the fine, that operator had to pay an additional A$7,000 in legal costs.

Bigger Penalties for Illegal Ads

Australian officials stated that it’s operators duty to respect advertising regulations and laws that control gambling promotions. The last year’s law says that an operator can be fined with up to $55,000 for the singular offence of violating advertising regulations. Additionally, directors of gambling companies can be criminally prosecuted.

However, this unfortunate event with PointBet is not the only news about this operator. The company revealed that it would let bettors stake up to $10,000. The bettors would be able to wager on NFL, NBA, MLB, and NHL. The operator states that it will always be dedicated to making the best deals, prices, and offers so that it can increase their money flow in the legal U.S. market.

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