Pelosi In a Clash with Democrats Who Opposed the “Border Aid” Bill

Nancy Pelosi sticks to the comments she made following the decision of four Democrat representatives to vote against the law that tackles the humanitarian crisis on the U.S. borders.

The House Speaker used the press conference earlier this week to call out four women from the Democratic party saying that they were against the law passed “to protect children.”

She tried to tone down the harshness of her comments saying that she was only stating the facts about the results of the House voting. She also used this opportunity to point out that the Republican representatives unanimously supported this law.

She then added that the four women, who voted against, didn’t have any followers that shared the same attitude in the Congress, and that’s what her statement was supposed to mean.

Pelosi further undermined the women’s political influence in the interview for the “New York Times,” saying that their were the only opposing voices coming from the Democratic party.

In this interview, she stated that all people might have followers who support their standing points in public or on social networks; however, nobody at the Congress supported these Democrats and their decision to vote against the law.

People who backed up the four Democrats were enraged by these cunning Pelosi’s attempts to undermine their political influence. The four people in question justified their opposition to the law with their concerns that it is going to serve for funding Trump’s immigrant policy, and that the money won’t end up in the right hands.

At the same time, the Senate refused to promote the same bill and devised their own legislative proposal that deals with the same issue. Both Republicans and Democrats fully accepted it.

However, some Democrat representatives advocated certain amendments to the Senate’s proposal that would include some of their conditions into the law, but they gave up the idea after some threats from their own party.

In the end, the Senate’s bill had got the needed support from the Republicans in the Congress, and it was passed without any changes.

In the meantime, Pelosi is going to convince Trump’s administration to conduct the measures that reflect some of the conditions the Democrats fought for. One of these is, for example, that in case a child in custody dies, the Congress has to be notified within 24 hours. 

Her comments from the interview still provoke fiery reactions. One of the women called out in Pelosi’s remarks, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, pointed out in a tweet, that the “public whatever” as she referred to the social media followers, was the public opinion. 

She added that employing her power to influence it may lead to some needed changes in the country. This Democrat continued by saying that she and her colleagues that opposed the bill were well aware of what it was like to be a minority in America. She also stated that she was proud of her life experiences and that she would like to be respected and involved in the solution-seeking process because of them.

The Democrat representative from California fully supported these women saying that although these were the lone voices heard at the Congress, some discordance based on moral stands was always a good thing because it led to reflection and change.

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