Partypoker: No HUD for Players

Partypoker Removes Option to Use HUD

In line with its newest software revamp, partypoker made its players change their screen names on June 17. This occurrence was but one of several in the poker room’s sweeping changes to accommodate the new software.

The purpose of the software is manifold. The chief function is to create a safer and fairer environment for all players, including newcomers. One of the key changes was the elision of hand histories for download. Due to this, players using their HUD and tracking software can no longer keep tabs on their and their opponents’ hands utilizing third-party programs.

However, players will still have some insight into their plays. The Hand History Office allows them to replay their previous hands. This is a dashboard that displays information concerning community cards, hole cards, as well as pot sizes in tournaments and on pooled Fast Forward tables.

The Hand History Office

Those using The Hand History Office will also be privy to comprehensive information regarding hands drawn in tournaments and cash games. They will have access to data points up to three months of age. 

A filter in the program allows players to sort through the gathered information. Even so, every opponent’s name will remain anonymous. Notes that players had previously saved have also been removed by partypoker.

Tom Waters

Tom Waters, managing director for partypoker, has stated that these alterations are among other initiatives they plan to implement for increasing safety and fairness of online poker play on their website. This upgrade will also prevent players from making use of third-party tools meant for tracking. He added that he implored all users to change their aliases on the website. This should eliminate all current tracking by these tools. 

Waters made mention of new promotions, mostly designed to compensate players for the inconvenience of changing their online handles. The so-called $500,000 Alias Race aims to reward players for renaming their online accounts. Only persons playing from the Czech Republic and Sweden weren’t able to participate.

With these changes in place, StackAndTile and partycaption remain the sole permitted pieces of tracking software on the website. Should a player nevertheless use any other tool, they will see their account closed. As additional punishment, partypoker will also redistribute the money in their account.

Few players objected to all of these changes, especially because partypoker had announced it weeks prior. Most agreed that the previously scant player oversight of bots really was a problem. Even Patrik Leonard, ambassador for partypoker and Player Panel member, approved of them. He had previously shown negative sentiments toward them but eventually came around on the matter.

Microgaming Poker Network

Partypoker’s move has drawn a lot of attention, beyond just their players. Inspired by these novelties, Microgaming Poker Network also declared that they would enact network changes. They intend to do so in the fourth financial quarter of 2019.

MPN services two clients on the same network. The Classic version allows its users to download hand histories as well as to utilize third-party poker tracking tools and HUDs. But Prima, their new client, didn’t. After some feedback and review since the website’s launch, Alex Scott, MPN managing director, concluded that they took the incorrect approach with the Classic version.

Prima will permit HUD use. Nevertheless, their presence won’t have as significant an impact. This is mostly because Prima users can change their online names every 1,000 hands or 30 days. That makes HUD stats far less pertinent. Moreover, MPN strives to further simplify this name change. Hand histories will also be available for downloading after a 24-hour period. 

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