Numerous Offshore Gambling Sites Have Abused New Zealand’s Domain

There are some offshore virtual casinos that use New Zealand’s Internet addresses illegally, so now the whole situation is under government scrutiny.

Offshore Casinos Meddling with NZ Web Addresses

It has been discovered that more than a dozen offshore online casinos have been using New Zealand’s Internet domain for providing their gambling services. This is a clear sign of some shady business going on because none of these gambling sites operate on the New Zealand soil, and they are not licensed by their regulatory bodies. In addition, things become even more ominous when you know that only Lotto and TAB have licenses to provide gambling services online in New Zealand.

Department for Internal Affairs has had the whole thing under its watchful eye for some time now, and they are constantly checking if there are other gambling sites that operate illegally.

They are going to publish their findings next year in a comprehensive review.

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