Manig Loeser wins the trophy at Monte Carlo EPT

The long and exciting tournament at Monte Carlo came to a tense conclusion as the duel between Loeser and Huang unfolded.

Manig Loeser Wins the 2019 EPT Monte-Carlo Main Event

Loeser came out of the exciting duel a winner taking €603,777, and Huang won the second place and €552,056. The atmosphere at the last table was charged as Huang demonstrated the aggressive game. The excitement definitely peaked when Germany and China were left to fight for the ultimate price. The epic duel took place after Loeser, Huang, and Katzenberger decided to split the prize pool leaving €78,061 and the EPT trophy in the game. Katzenberger left the table after his A8 couldn’t beat Huang’s AK.

With Loeser in the first place, Huang in the second, and Katzenberger in the third, Ryan Riess finished the race in the fourth place taking €265,620 from the table.

Exciting Time at the Table and Fun Time with Friends

The tournament lasted 9 long hours and finished at 4 AM. In these early morning hours, the tournament winner said in his interview for Poker News that the competition was a very exhausting experience. He felt excited, happy, but also very tired.

After winning such an important trophy, Loeser charmed his fans by showing modesty and great respect toward the opponents. The German player stated that even though he felt confident during the game, he also experienced a lot of pressure. In just an hour and a half after this exciting victory, Loeser hurried to catch the flight to celebrate with his friends. This is not the first time that Loeser stressed the importance of his friends, both in his career and personal life. In the earlier interview for Poker News, Loeser said that his friends helped him a lot in preparation for the tournament with their useful tips. The player stated that talking to his friends was one of his favorite ways of improving his knowledge about poker.

A Lot of Math and a Bit of Superstition

There are many factors that led to Loeser’s victory at EPT Monte Carlo. His experience and talent are surely the main reason, but let’s explore a few things that may have contributed to Loeser’s success. First of all, Loeser is very focused during the game, and he doesn’t pay attention to the live stream and the hands. The player also mentioned that he believes that this information is not crucial. Besides that, Loeser is very good at math, and that has to help. So, the player is a man of science and to the core. He is not superstitious as some players, although he had one experience that challenged his beliefs for a moment. After Sam Crafton stole his hoodie in Rio de Janeiro, the German player experienced some bad luck. When he got the hoodie back, his good fortune came back too.

Manig Loeser, alongside Wei Huang and Viktor Katzenberger, showed great performance and earned an even better reputation and a lot of money. We hope that the German won’t lose that hoodie from his sight again and that this winning streak will continue for him.

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