Korea Gaming Congress 2019 Review

From July 17 to 18, more than 100 gaming industry market leaders will meet at the first edition of the KgC. Check out the details: 

  • Theme: “Listening and Responding.” 
  • Date: Wednesday, July 17 – Friday, July 18, 2019.
  • Location: Incheon, South Korea.
  • Price (before July 11): $136 (general), $63 (student).
  • Price (from July 17): $182 (general), $91 (student).

Korea Gaming Congress 

The first edition of the KgC will be one of the largest international gaming conferences in Asia. 

As mentioned, over a hundred industry leaders will attend the conference. This includes game manufacturers, CEOs, educators, designers, government figures, and owners of integrated resorts. They will all meet up mid-July to discuss some of the key elements of the gaming industry. Furthermore, the hosts of the congress are Premium Pass International and Gamingkorea. This educational forum will focus on the potential of the profitable gaming industry in Asia. 

The KgC will take place in Incheon, South Korea, at the Songdo Convensia Convention Center. 


The motto behind the Korea Gaming Congress is “Listening and Responding.” 

It signifies the importance of communication and cooperation in the global gaming industry. A large number of Asia’s and the world’s gaming leaders and industry experts will come together. They will discuss some of the biggest challenges and advantages of today’s market. 

Moreover, the lectures will include debates on the largest issues in the industry. This two-day event will act as an educational hub. New conclusions and ideas will be made concerning the gaming industry. Plus, the congress will also focus on gaming policies in Asia, which are vastly different from other regions. 

Program and Venues

The KgC program will be divided over three separate venues including Premier Ballroom A, Gaming Academy (Room 113), and Hall 1. As for the opening ceremony, it will take place in Ballroom A from 09:50 to 10:10, and the activities will commence after that. 

On the first day, participants will be able to attend lectures in Ballroom A and the Gaming Academy Room. Some include “Operator Vision – the Future of IR,” “Economic-Social Cultural Impact of the Casino Integrated Resort in Korea,” and “Casino Operations & Marketing Tactics.”

Moreover, on day two, some of the lectures are “Jeju’s Casino Regulatory Trends & Challenges,” “Supplier Vision – The Future of the Gaming Floor,” and Regulatory Trends & Challenges in major Asian countries.

Additionally, there will be a 1-hour networking lunch and 30-minute breaks between lectures. 

Most lectures will last approximately 2 hours.

Location, Date, and More Details

As mentioned, the location of the Korea Gaming Congress is the Songdo Convensia Convention Center in the international city of Incheon, South Korea. 

Songdo Convensia is a beautiful and iconic structure that was inspired by the Sydney Opera House. Additionally, Incheon is among the most popular cities for large conferences. 

Some of the backers of this conference are Gaming Laboratories International (GLI), Aristocrat, Preciosa Lighting, Comtrade Gaming, Incheon Metropolitan City, Icheon Tourism Organization, etc. 

Moreover, some of the leading speakers are Andrew W Scott, CEO of Inside Asian Gaming, Anthony Lucas from the University of Nevada, Christopher Rowe, Managing Director of Aristocrat, Dongwan Koh, Director of the Jeju Casino Regulatory Division, and Ian Hughes, VP of GLI. 

As mentioned, the event will take place on July 17 and July 18. Furthermore, the regular ticket price is $136 until July 11 and $182 from July 17. The student ticket price is $63 before July 11 and $91 from July 17.

Profound Gaming Insights

The first edition of this gaming conference aims to provide the best and most innovative approaches as well as share detailed insights on the world’s gaming market. Overall, the lectures and activities will provide opportunities for cooperation, and the program strives to bring together experts from private sectors, academics, and government figures. 

Set in a gorgeous location and a thriving international city, the conference is a must for anyone looking to improve their knowledge of the gaming industry. We’ll look forward to seeing you at the opening ceremony on July 17 at the Songdo Convensia Convention Center!

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