Jessica Dawley’s Golden Bracelet Redemption After WSOP Memorable Hand

Jessica Dawley, a seasoned poker player and an ex-war zone veteran, recalls the hand during the WSOP event which changed her game.

Almost a River — Memorable Hand of Jessica Dawley

Players often have that one hand in their life which presents the breaking point in their poker career. Jessica Dawley, a seasoned poker player from Jeffersonville, had one such game back in 2010 during the World Series of Poker (WSOP). According to her, the game was not unusual in the least but had an effect on her playing in the future tournaments.

During the 2010 Aussie Millions Main Event, Dawley found herself playing with Stephen Friedlander, who participated in more than 15 tournaments. During the entire game, Friedlander and Dawley had fun and challenging dynamics. Complaining that he was unable to beat her, Stephen min-raised a 10,000-blind. According to Jessica, it was almost an impulse when she decided to call on the small blind with seven and six of spades.

Shortly after, the dealer quickly put down a flop of eight of spades, seven of diamonds, and seven of clubs. Dawley opted instantly to check back, as her opponent followed the lead. The turn was ten of hearts, at which point the game went exciting for Dawley. She decided to lead with 45,000, thinking the amount would hit a lot of her opponent’s range.

Friedlander started the match with 560,000. And he decided to raise by 160,000, not to let her win. The rival’s decision made Dawley think, but eventually, after considering her options, she decided to shove all in. Her total amount on the table was nearly 800,000 in total.

Her opponent finally decided that she couldn’t be bluffing. Friedlander decided to call while tabling jack of diamonds and ten of clubs. Dawley got up from the chair, excited and in disbelief while watching the cards on the table. According to her, the moment the Tournament Director announced over the speaker that the river was ten, she sat back down.

Dawley was devastated at that point, and although she finished in 17th place, she could not shake the disappointment. She explained that the hand was significant to her because she was far ahead.

The missing victory was replaced by her participation in the Ladies International Championship (LIPS) in Nevada 2018. Dawley won the competition with $130,230, taking home first gold bracelet. As she said after the redemption, she registered at the WSOP Event #28 with $1,000 No-Limit Hold’em, where around 50 remaining players were competing.

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