Japan Gaming Congress 2019

The Japan Gaming Congress 2019 will be organized on May 16 and 17 this year. Find out why gaming professionals from all over the world gather in Tokyo!

Japan Gaming Congress Starts May 16

  • Theme: Casino legislation in Japan and integrated resort development
  • Date: 16–17 May 2019
  • Country: Japan
  • Price: $899

The Japan Gaming Congress will take place on May 16 and 17 this year, at the Conrad Tokyo. This event is designed as an educational forum for operators, regulators, government representatives, and suppliers. Once there, participators will gain valuable insights into the state of casino legislation in Japan. Apart from that, they will learn about the process of creating an Integrated Resort (IR). If you’re interested in the intricacies of casino gambling in Japan, check our preview down below!

Policy and Regulation

This part of Congress is designed for operators, regulators, and other interested professionals who have a stake in the Japanese gambling industry. The first day of the event is mostly dedicated to the exploration and understanding of the current state of casino regulation in Japan, as well as the upcoming government policies. Several members of the Japanese House of Representatives will make an appearance as speakers, detailing the latest developments in related legislation.

Later during the day, participants will have the opportunity to gain additional insight from other gaming legislation, such as the one in the US and Australia. That way, participants will have a clear contrast of the previously-described Japanese gaming regulations. Comparing the different solutions between countries will allow for a valuable exchange of ideas.

Integrated Resorts

In July 2018, the Japanese government has allowed the establishment of integrated resorts in certain cities. The other part of the Japan Gaming Congress will be dedicated to the examination of the remaining legal hurdles that still slow down the profitability of integrated resorts in Japan. Apart from this, the Congress will explore the concept of contemporary integrated resorts in general. Operators will learn about the techniques for attracting both local and international customers. Also, industry professionals will get to know the general tourism trends in Japan and the rest of Asia.


The Japan Gaming Congress is definitely a must-visit for any industry personnel. Locals will be able to gain a wider understanding of different legislative solutions and the concept of integrated resorts. On the other hand, international professionals will find value in learning about the Japanese gaming industry. So, if you are working in any related field, this congress is definitely an event you shouldn’t miss!

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