Industry Experts Attended ICE North America Between May 13 and 15

ICE North America, one of the most significant casino industry conferences in 2019, took place between May 13 and 15 this year. Click here to find out more!

ICE North America Took Place Between May 13 and 15

  • Theme: Sports betting, iGaming, esports, iLottery, and affiliate marketing
  • Date: Between May 13 and 15
  • Country: USA
  • Price: $999

From May 13 to May 15 this year, professionals from gambling-related sectors had the opportunity to gain exclusive industry insights at the ICE North America 2019 conference at the Boston Convention & Exhibition Center. This event followed the success of ICE London which was organized this February, and ICE Sports Betting USA last year. Once more, professionals in the gaming industry had the chance to establish a wealth of new connections, see what suppliers have to offer and find out about the latest solutions in their respective fields.

Different Types of Events

Clarion Gaming, the primary event organizers, have separated everything this exhibit has to offer into four distinct categories. First of all, there were Counsel events, which were organized to provide a space for debates regarding controversial topics related to betting and interactive gaming. All participants had the option to voice their opinion, within a debate environment moderated by professionals.

Next, Hive events were also designed as an opportunity for a debate on hot industry topics but in a more informal environment. This gave everyone involved a shot at useful conversational learning. All legislators, experts, and regulators conducted conversations regarding important industry trends.

The third kind of conversational environment facilitated by ICE North America were Boardroom discussion events. As with any fast-growing industry, there are many diverse opinions and opposing viewpoints. These discussions attempted to work on confronting seemingly disparate agendas against each other in order to reach a mutual understanding.

Lastly, Elevator events were a chance for the latest solution suppliers in sports betting and interactive gaming to showcase their new products. These presentations were more short-form compared to the previous types of events and contained a series of tech pitches and case studies.

Sports Betting Discussions

ICE North America has definitely proven to be a massively impactful event, especially when it comes to North American sports betting. Numerous events of all kinds were dedicated to this industry and the sports betting market. After the Supreme Court opened the doors to the complete legalization of sports wagering last year, exploring the options of this new emerging industry was very useful for all the professionals involved. Experts examined if the stance towards sports wagering has changed in the past year. On the other hand, they also took an in-depth look at the legislative challenges that remain.

Conference Summary

As expected, ICE North America 2019 managed to organize one of the most interesting think-tank environments for the casino and sports gambling industries on the continent. All participants were given the opportunity to learn a lot about the latest professional trends, along with a good chance for networking.

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