How do People Use Social Media to Promote their Business?

The latest survey shows how people use different social media to advertise their businesses. This is a short review of the results.

What the Results of the Latest Social Media Survey Show?

People recognized the impact social media have on modern society long ago. For this reason, various social networks are the perfect place to advertise products and services on. However many business owners, as well as organization founders, have started questioning the efficiency of this kind of marketing, in terms of reaching the target audience. They wanted to know whether social media marketing is worth the time and effort they invest in it. recently published a report on the social media marketing industry may give an answer to this question because it gives us the opportunity to see how different businesses use various social media.

The report aimed to find out how more than 4800 social media advertisers use the influence of different platforms to improve their business.

About 93% of the participants have stated that increased exposure is the most favorable advantage of this kind of marketing. Increased exposure was the most important thing to 87% of advertisers in a survey conducted the previous year, while the increased traffic was essential to 87% this year and that was the 9% leap compared to the last year’s 78%.

Facebook and Instagram are still the top two choices among the business people while it is important to mention that Instagram’s popularity has grown for 7% over the year, from 66% in 2018 to 73% this year, to be precise.

Both the Business to Business (B2B) and Business to Customer (B2C) advertisers have opted for Facebook as their prime choice to post their add on. But when it comes to second best social network for marketing, B2B advertisers opted for LinkedIn, while B2C marketers prefer Instagram.

YouTube is still unprecedented media to promote your business by video material, while Facebook’s native video follows right behind. B2C customers will go for Facebook native video and Instagram stories to promote their products and services, while B2B customers stay faithful to LinkedIn native video.

The situation with social ads popularity is the same as in the most popular media platform category. B2C advertisers will choose Facebook and Instagram ads while B2B customers will go for ads offered by  LinkedIn.

It is always essential to work out the “Return of Investment” percentage to get a clear picture of whether investing in social media marketing pays off.

When they were asked about whether they can measure their ROI for the social media activities only 44% of survey participants agreed they could do this.

This percentage is still under expected, and this is a huge challenge marketers have to tackle and eventually find the solution.

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