Better Collective Expands into New Markets

Better Collective CEO Jesper Søgaard talks about the company’s successful performance in the previous year and discusses future business strategies and forecasts.

The Latest Success of Better Collective Boosts the Company’s Position

Jesper Søgaard, CEO of the Better Collective, discusses the latest company success. Better Collective, as the leading developer in the iGaming industry, is well on its way to the US-based casinos.

According to Better Collective’s CEO, during the Fifa World Cup, the company noticed a significant rise in the new depositing customers (NDC) sector. He attributes the enormous growth in revenue (97%) to this intake of NDCs.

The last three quarters of 2018 were the highlight of progress due to the rise in NDCs. Søgaard added that Better Collective experienced organic growth of 9% in 2018, and the 41% growth in the first quarter of 2019 is based on the previous year’s success. Company’s CEO hopes for a double-digit organic growth by the end of 2020.

In 2017, Better Collective decided to change its strategy and take part in the consolidation. The company has done 13 successful acquisitions since then. The change in strategy has worked out well for them. The revenue share made 72% of the total revenue. Søgaard expects to see even higher revenue-share percentage, but of course, that depends on sports results.

When questioned about the Cheltenham Festival, Søgaard explained that they noticed an increase in NDCs but no significant change in revenue. In that respect, it was an average festival for them.

Better Collective has expanded its market and is now present in the UK and Sweden. The newly established office in London will bring Better Collective closer to their British partners. When it comes to the Swedish market which is newly regulated, BC acquired the Ribacka Group. This acquisition has given the firm a strong position in the Swedish market and a revenue increase.

However, Søgaard explained that he was especially excited about reaching the US market and most importantly, about potential new acquisitions and partners. He is looking forward to the online casino market opening in Pennsylvania soon. Furthermore, the company’s expertise in sports betting will come in handy in this respect.

In the future, Jesper Søgaard and his team hope to reach the Brazilian market hungry for sports betting. He noted that they have strong websites in Spanish and Portuguese, which could apply in the rest of South America.

Better Collective is not just another company; they support iGamers through transparency, promoting responsible gambling, and fighting gambling addiction. More importantly, they have a strong team which will reach more markets in the future.

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