Another Trump’s Promotion of False Information Busted

One of Donald Trump’s favorite phrases that he uses in his attacks on media that criticize him is “fake news producers.” At the same time, he has never hesitated to share some fake information on his Twitter account. Thus, he shared the fake statement of the former President Reagan that he picked up at some obscure pro-Republican account.

It turned out that this unverified Twitter account was a copycat of a well established and popular “Reagan Battalion,” that had the same name. This fake account wasn’t very popular until Trump used their tweet that provoked, as they put it “weak Conservatives,” saying they would never be able to compare with “we, the people and their president.”

A picture of Reagan, then-president, shaking hands with Trump and a questionable Reagan’s statement about Trump accompanied this tweet. In his statement, Reagan allegedly expressed his amazement with Trump stating that he felt like he “was shaking hands with the president.” Trump commented on the whole thing with “Cute” on his account.

Quick fact check, although the photo really exists, Ronald Reagan never said anything like this about Donald Trump.

This fake Reagan’s statement has been around on various social media accounts that have supported Trump since 2016. Numerous sites that are into fact-checking and myth-busting have dealt with it ever since. One of these sites stated that the quote in question first appeared on one Facebook page created by Trump’s supporters in 2016. 

Another of these sites went a step further and asked Joanne Drake from the Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation and Institute to give her opinion on the topic. She said that the photo was taken at a charity event held at the White House in 1987, but also adamantly pointed out that President Reagan never said anything like this about Trump.

As much as he likes to share fake information on his Twitter, he also gladly promotes false information from other sources. For example, he used a video from an extremely right group from Britain, showing a “Muslim immigrant beating up a Duch boy.” As it turned out later, this “dangerous immigrant” was born and raised in the Netherlands.

Last year, he shared footage that was allegedly recorded on the streets of “socialist” France, where the protesters shouted, “We want Trump.” It didn’t take long before it was proven that this was also fake and that the people shouting were in England.

It seems that the verified Reagan Battalion Twitter account has profited massively from this incident as it counted 90,000 followers on Monday. On the other hand, the copycat account that served as Trump’s source of the fake quote vanished from this social network.

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