American Betting Site Facing a Fine for Breaking Marketing Rules

Point Bet sportsbook had to pay 20,000 dollars for pushy advertising that is forbidden on Australian soil. Government reminds all the operators to comply with the country’s betting laws.

Australia Prohibits Exaggerated Betting Marketing on Their Soil

Popular American betting site Point Bet has received a fine of 20,000 AUD for breaking the advertising regulations that apply in Australia. They have offered a generous welcome bonus to newcomers, promising bonus money to new bettors that place their money on more than 40 metro races.

Gaming and Liquor regulatory body of New South Wales interpreted this marketing move as an encouragement for people to bet excessively. This kind of advertising of various gambling or betting services is prohibited in Australia. There was also a case of an Australian betting site that has paid a $7,000 fine for making the same mistake.

An Australian government representative says that they expect all the sports betting operators on the Australian market to get familiar with the state’s betting regulations and to work in accordance with them.

He also warns that laws from 2018 impose more rigorous fines that can soar up to $55,000 for excessive advertising, while casino owners may face criminal charges. However, there is some good news for betting sites to create a counterbalance. It has been announced that in future, sports bettors will be able to place up to $10,000 spread bets and line bets on the most popular sports events and leagues, including NFL, NHL, MLB, and NBA.

Point Bet claims that it is in their nature not to shy away from bettors who play big. They also state that their aim is to attract as many bettors who turned to offshore betting sites as they can. This way, the money would return to the legal US betting scene.

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